Annachiara Del Vecchio

Annachiara Del Vecchio

Annachiara Del Vecchio

Telephone 0294375116
Location Building 13
Floor Ground
Via Adamello 16, Milano

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I graduated in Molecular Biology at University of Naples. After my bachelor degree I had the opportunity to join Pasca di Magliano’s lab at University of Michigan, USA, from March to September 2015, where I worked on pancreatic cancer.  

Then, I started the Master degree in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine at University of Milan. For the master degree thesis, I decide to move abroad. I spent one year in Pasca di Magliano’s lab at University of Michigan, where I had the opportunity to work on the role of the oncogene BMI1 during initiation of pancreatic cancer. Back in Milan, I graduated in February 2018.

 Right after my master graduation, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Ballabio at TIGEM – Telethon, for a training experience of six months.  There I was involved in a project based on the analysis of the role of TFEB in tumorigenesis.

 Then, I decided to further improve my scientific career by enrolling to a PhD program. In October 2018 I joined as a PhD student the laboratory of Dr. Pasini at the European Institute of Oncology.

 My principal aim is Epigenetic in tissue homeostasis and in tumorigenesis and my PhD projects are focused on the role of PCGFs proteins in Intestine and Pancreas. I found these projects particularly fascinating, and I feel privileged to have the possibility to continue my PhD in Dr. Pasini’s lab, also thanks to the AIRC fellowship.

My ambition is to to give a contribution to cancer research to help patients in their fight against tumor.


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