Head of the Biochemistry and Structural Biology Unit

The European Institute of Oncology IEO of Milan (Italy) invites applications for a Head of the Biochemistry and Structural Biology Unit (BSU).
The BSU is located within the Department of Experimental Oncology (https://www.research.ieo.it/research-and-technology/technological-units) where it mainly provides direct support to the IEO researchers in the area of protein production, biophysical characterization, and structure determination. The BSU works mainly in the context of collaborative projects with the IEO research groups.

The Head of the BSU will play an essential role in the design and implementation of protein expressions protocols, purification strategies, biophysical and structural characterization. This will involve the establishment of strategies for optimal protein production and macromolecular complex reconstitution; the maintenance of updated protocols for biophysical characterization and crystallization; the determination of 3D structures by X-ray crystallography; and the development of pipelines for structure determination by cryo-EM single particle analysis.

The Head of the BSU will supervise the activities of two senior research assistants and coordinate the interactions with IEO researchers. The Unit is equipped with state-of-the art instruments for sample preparation including incubators for expression in insect and mammalian cells, ÄKTA and Bio-Rad FPLC systems, Static-Light-Scattering, ITC calorimeters, Differential Scanning Fluorimetry system, and for structure determination by X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM (Mosquito crystallization robot, Crystal Imager, Vitrobot). For data collection, IEO has routinely access to synchrotron beamlines (ESRF, SLS and Diamond) via Italian BAGs, and is part of the Italian cryo-EM BAG at ESRF.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Manage daily aspects of the Unit, interactions and collaborations with the IEO researchers to design project specific workflows addressing scientists' needs in collaboration with the Unit Staff
  • Coordinate X-ray and cryo-EM data collection and processing up to 3D reconstructions
  • Train and supervise IEO scientists that need to access the BSU technological infrastructures
  • Actively participate in technological resource planning and maintenance of the Unit’s equipment
  • Interact with the manufacturers and service engineers of various equipment in coordination with the maintenance workshop of the department
  • Actively participate in meetings and conferences to present the data generated by the BSU


  • Degree and Ph.D. in a relevant scientific discipline
  • Strong commitment in fundamental and translational mechanistic research
  • Proven experience in structural biology, with specific expertise in protein production and biochemistry
  • Ability to work independently in an intellectually challenging, rapidly-paced multidisciplinary environment
  • Ability to work and communicate in English

A competitive salary will be offered on the basis of the candidate experience and career stage. The European Institute of Oncology is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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