Post-doctoral position to investigate the molecular mechanisms connected to microglia transition from homeostatic state to disease-associated microglia

The project

A major challenge in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and brain aging is to identify the body’s intrinsic mechanisms that could sense the central nervous system (CNS) damage early and protect the brain from neurodegeneration. Accumulating evidence suggests that disease-associated microglia (DAM), a recently identified subset of CNS resident macrophages found at sites of neurodegeneration, might play a crucial role in disease progression. However, the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms by which microglia influence the development and progression of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases remain still poorly understood. Using a combination of in vitro and in-vivo samples, the candidate will be involved in a project that aims to characterize the mechanism behind microglia transition.

The candidate

We are seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates, willing to challenge an innovative project by adopting a pro-active attitude and an analytical approach. The candidate should have a background in molecular biology and with experience in gene expression regulation and chromatin function. The candidate should also have a marked attitude to work in team and have a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, interaction and reciprocal support with the other members of the lab.


  • A high level of motivation and interest.
  • PhD in Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmacology or in related fields
  • Strong and documented research track record is required
  • Prior research experience in chromatin biology, molecular biology, cancer biology will be recommended
  • Experience in genome-wide chromatin profiling and NGS data analysis will be a relevant plus
  • International mobility will be considered a major plus.
  • Excellent communication skills and good team spirit with a solving problem attitude


Salary & application

We will offer a 1 year competitive salary based on the previous experience.