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Immunometabolism and Cancer Immunotherapy

Teresa Manzo

Teresa Manzo

Young Principal Investigator

Email [email protected]
Location Building 13
Floor 2nd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

Cancer immunotherapy has been one of the major breakthroughsof cancer treatments. However, despite the impressive results, the incidence of cancer is still raising and the majority of patients will receive little benefit.

In the fight against cancer, CD8+T cells are the soldiers of the immune system which destroy tumor cells. However, they become progressively dysfunctional and no longer able to control tumor outgrowth.

One reason for this dysfunctionality is T cells do not receive adequate fuel for their cytotoxic functions.

Our research group is interested in understanding the link between T cell metabolism and immunity in cancer.

Importantly, our lab focuses on understanding how this dysfunction can be reversed to harness T cells against cancer and improve immunotherapeutic treatment of cancer.

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