Our Mission

Our goal is to identify novel putative cancer targets for drug discovery, diagnostic and/or prognostic applications. For this purpose, we use a high-throughput screening technology, tissue microarrays (TMAs), together with in situdetection methods, i.e., RNA in situhybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC), to translate early discoveries into clinical applications. TMA screening allows:

  • Validation of basic research findings through the rapid and simultaneous analysis of hundreds of patient samples.
  • Assessment of the prevalence of candidate gene deregulation through comparative expression analysis of normal tumor tissues.
  • Identification of candidate diagnostic and prognostic markers through the correlation of expression results with clinicopathological and follow-up data in patient cohorts.
  • Validation of druggable targets based on extensive in situanalysis in tumor samples.

Our Services

Human specimens:

  • Tissue processing, tissue sectioning, slide staining and in situanalyses (ISH, IHC, FISH, etc.).
  • Pathology material storage.
  • Generation of multi-tumor TMAs, sectioning and distribution.
  • Target validation.
  • Assistance with procedures and technical support.
  • Pathology expertise.
  • Clinical data correspondence.
  • Complete molecular reports with image collection and data interpretation.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Clinicopathological and molecular databases.
  • Access to high density collections, case collections with extensive follow-up, and cancer-specific TMAs, on a collaborative basis.


Mouse specimens:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of space dedicated to mouse pathology and assistance to users.
  • Establishment of a pipeline from tissue to section.
  • Assistance with procedures and technical support (mostly IHC and ISH).
  • Mouse registry (centralization and automation of data, storage, retrieval).
  • Mouse pathology expertise.

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