Cell signalling

Our scientists significantly contributed to the deconvolution of the mechanisms of signal transduction, such as RTK and endocytosis, which is of pivotal importance for the complete understanding of the biological issues and crucial to provide powerful tools to hinder this mechanism. More recently, we have been focusing on the characterization of the cell signaling triggered by microenvironmental signals in cancer cells.

Cloning of the Shc gene and role in signal transduction from activated tyrosine kinases to Ras and stress responses

Molecular dissection of novel mechanisms of RTK-mediated signal transduction

Endocytosis as organizer of the cellular masterplan and its involvement in signal- and-spaceresolved signaling

Crosstalk between N-CAM and FGFRs in ovarian cancer

Reciprocal regulation of the Autophagy/Apoptotic Beclin/Mcl proteins during melanomagenesis

Targeting of the Sumoylation pathway by oncoviral Proteins

Identification of the signaling properties of ubiquitin