Research Scientist (Ref. 2023-06-MM/04)

The team of Marina Mapelli at the European Institute of Oncology IEO of Milano (Italy) is recruiting a Research Scientist to investigate mechanisms of Wnt-signaling in stem cell asymmetric divisions in the intestinal crypts, and their implication in cancer development. The position is immediately available within a project funded by AIRC.

We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in cell biology, genetic manipulation and quantitative imaging methodologies. The ideal candidate will have a Master degree in biology, biotechnology or related life science disciplines, and show experience in molecular and cell biology.


The project will explore fundamental questions on mechanisms of cell proliferation, stem cell asymmetry, and fate decision. To gain molecular information, research in our lab integrates biochemistry, genomics, primary stem cell manipulation and imaging in intestinal organoids.

For more information about the lab please visit:


The recruited Research Fellow  will receive a  6-months fellowship which could be renewable and he/she will be integrated in the Mapelli lab, at the IEO Department of Experimental Oncology based at the IFOM-IEO Campus (Milan, IT), which provides an excellent environment at the interface between structural biology, cell biology and cancer genetics. The working language in the lab is English.


Posted on 20 June 2023