PhD international networks

SEMM is an International partner of European networks and PhD students are directly involved in the organization of international meetings and internal events


International PhD students Cancer Conference (IPSCC)

SEMM is part of a network of 8 top cancer research institutes across Europe. An annual cancer conference is organized to provide the opportunity for students to present their work, get in contact with other PhD students working in the same field and interact with international renewed scientists invited as keynote speakers.


European Academy for Biomedical Science (ENABLE)

    • is a network partially funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program that involves four renowned European Research Institutes (IRB Barcelona – Spain, RIMLS – Netherlands, NNF CPR – Denmark, SEMM – Italy) and an innovative science communication agency (Scienseed)
    • organizes an annual scientific symposium, coupled with i) a career day and ii) outreach activities for adults, and for primary and secondary school students to foster the interaction between young scientists and the general public. These ENABLE symposia are organized entirely by a committee of PhD students and postdocs of the four involved institutions.

ENABLE: more than just a regular conference!

ENABLE - 2019: Nijmegen

ENABLE network
ENABLE network
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