Training Scheme

As part of their training, DEO laboratory technicians are required to attend all weekly “Data Clubs” and “Journal Clubs” of the group in which they work and to take specialist courses as indicated in the following scheme:

1st year:

  • Health, safety and quality promotion course (welcome days; c / o IEO Hospital).
  • 4 specialist courses organized by IEO for technical personnel. One course per area, at the fellow's choice (see below the list of courses and areas for details).

From the 2nd year:

  • One specialist course per year to be chosen from the ones offered by IEO or by other Institutions (e.g. EMBO, FEBS etc. etc).

List of the courses offered by IEO:

Managerial / behavioral area  

  • Problem solving
  • Team work
  • Time management

Linguistic area

  • English training
  • English public speaking

IT area

  • Excel basic
  • Excel advanced
  • Powerpoint

Institutional area

  • Waste management training (ADR regulations)
  • Decree 231/2001 Administrative responsibility and code of ethics    

Technical area

  • Scientific methodologies
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology techniques
  • Scientific writing
Technicians Open positions