Finding the Creative Spark in (Bio)Medical Research

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The EMERALD Programme (the first European-wide PhD Programme for Medical Doctors), a very important project for EU-LIFE, involving seven members of this alliance, co-organizes this year’s European MD/PhD Association Annual Conference "Finding the Creative Spark in (Bio)Medical Research" and offers the opportunity to register for free until 13 October.

If you are interested in connecting medicine and creative research approaches, you must attend!

You will have several opportunities!

  • Gain insights from leading professionals who have connected biomedicine and research through creativity.
  • To present your research among peers and industry stalwarts.
  • Network with biomedical researchers from the PRBB and other research institutes and Hospitals in Barcelona, as well as a community of aspiring physician-scientists from all over Europe! 


Important! If you are affiliated to any Spanish/Catalan hospital, research institute, or university, use the discount code: SPAIN2323 while registering to have a full-price discount for participating in the event. Please, consider that there is a limited number of discounts, so you need to register as soon as possible to get this benefit.


Date and time
October 26, 12:30 pm - October 27, 3pm CEST

PRBB (Barcelona Biomedical Research Park)

Deadline for abstract submission
13 October 2023


Find more about the event and register: here!