Grants Offices from EU-LIFE institutes support MSCA-PF applicants

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The EU-LIFE Grants & Funding Working Group combined their efforts and produced the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA-PF): Support from EU-LIFE Grants Offices booklet, aimed at PhDs & postdocs who wish to apply for an MSCA-PF and be hosted by one of the EU-LIFE member institutes.

This booklet is expected to help keep up the 27% success rate of EU-LIFE institutes’ MSCA-IF applications in Horizon 2020.

The objective of the MSCA-PF is to support researchers’ careers and foster excellence in research. Moreover, it provides early-career scientists with great opportunities to acquire international experience and develop new expertise, further encouraging collaboration within the EU-LIFE alliance.

Download the booklet here