Tiziana Bonaldi, Stefano Santaguida and Salvatore Pece at the opening ceremony of “I giorni della ricerca” 2019

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As every year since 1995, during the “I giorni della ricerca” week (October 24th– November 10th) clinicians and scientists committed to cancer research share, with the community and the people who supported them, their new findings in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
This year, at the opening ceremony at Quirinale in Rome, on Thursday 24th, with the President Sergio Mattarella, there were also Stefano Santaguida, Tiziana Bonaldi and Salvatore Pece of the Department of Experimental Oncology.
“Professor Trinchieri, Chairman of the Advisory Board for AIRC research foundation, remarked the importance of a correct interpretation of scientific data that needs -says Stefano Santaguida-  today more than ever, ad hoc support and multidisciplinary analyses, the so-called omics disciplines. In this context, the creation of new professionals is progressively becoming strategically crucial. The importance of research and experimentation of new therapies and clinical protocols has been highlighted by Valentina Robina, young lawyer who succeeded in bringing her pregnancy to term despite her breast cancer diagnosed at the 25thweek of pregnancy, testifying that the effort of thousands of researchers can give hope to many cancer patients.”
“It’s the second time I attend this ceremony -continues Tiziana Bonaldi- and once more it was touching, a moment to celebrate the achievements of Italian cancer researchers, thanks to the support of AIRC, and at the same time meditate on the future challenges. It is always a pleasure for me to support, as a researcher and by attending such initiatives, AIRC, whose main role for the development of a good Italian oncological research must be celebrated and disseminated. The speech of the President Mattarella makes us feel slightly less lonely in everyday efforts of a researcher in Italy, and give us hope in a joint support both from associations/charities like AIRC and from the government.”