Congratulations to Paola Scaffidi for being elected EMBO member

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To mark its 60th anniversary, the EMBO Council has invited the EMBO Membership to elect 100 new EMBO Members and 20 EMBO Associate Members in the current year.

Paola Scaffidi is one of the recently elected EMBO members, selected for her contributions to the field of epigenetic control, tumor initiation and evolution. Her work has significantly advanced our understanding of disease mechanisms and associated vulnerabilities.

EMBO is an international organisation of life scientists, which has more than 2000 members, elected by peers.
The primary objectives of EMBO are to provide support for researchers at all stages of their careers, to facilitate the exchange of scientific information, and to contribute to the development of a European research environment that is conducive to the highest standards of scientific achievement.

Congratulations Paola Scaffidi!