Dr. Ugo Cavallaro interviewed by RAI

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Dr. Ugo Cavallaro research group.


Dr. Ugo Cavallaro, the Director of the Gynecological Oncology Research Unit, has been interviewed by RAI for the TGR Lombardia and for the regional news of GR1 (Rai Radio 1).

Dr. Ugo Cavallaro was invited in relation of the AIRC campaign "Azalea della ricerca", which is a fund-raising initiative to support the research on women’s tumors.

One out of three women receives a tumor diagnosis during her life, with breast cancer being the most frequent cancer type and ovarian cancer being one of the most difficult to treat.

Dr. Ugo Cavallaro had the chance to give some information on recent breakthroughs in cancer research and to stress the importance of prevention.
Finally, Dr. Ugo Cavallaro pointed out how crucial is to support and sponsor cancer research through donations but also through adequate investments at the national and international level.

Dr. Ugo Cavallaro interview Video TGR Lombardia

Dr. Ugo Cavallaro interview regional Rai Radio 1 news