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Therapeutic Small Molecules


Epigenetic drugs for the treatment of viral infections

New potential therapeutics for SARS-CoV-2-infected patients

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Therapeutic strategy against cancer escaping metabolic inhibitors

New anti-cancer metabolic therapy based on PP2A activator molecules

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Epigenetic modulators to ameliorate core symptoms in rare subtypes of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Novel pharmacological agents for the treatment of core symptoms of rare subtypes of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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iRASP: a novel platform to design efficacious cancer targeted immunotherapies

New therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of intractable tumors

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Methods and biomarkers


L1-ΔTM: New circulating biomarker of tumor angiogenesis

Novel biomarker for the non-invasive diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of cancer patients

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Research tools

Monoclonal Antibodies

Target proteinClone(s)ApplicationsReactivityPrincipal InvestigatorReferences
HDAC1 pSer406 BT-15 IF, WB, IPHuman, Zebrafish, MouseSusanna ChioccaSegrè CV et al., MAbs 2015
CHL1 (Neural cell adhesion molecule L1-like protein)BI45-5; AC10-3; BB13-15; BB3-9WB, IF, ELISAmouse, humanUgo Cavallaro 
EPS15 (Epidermal growth factor receptor substrate 15)15-3TWB, IP, IFhuman, mousePier Paolo Di Fiore 
Integrin beta-1AIIB2IP, FACS, IHC frozen Ugo Cavallaro 
L1CAM (Neural cell adhesion molecule L1)RT9-26; RT9-20; S10-32; I4-2WB, IF, ELISAmouseUgo Cavallaro 
S10-33IF, FACS, ELISAmouseUgo CavallaroMaddaluno L et al., J Exp Med 2009
NCAM (Neural cell adhesion molecule)5B8WB, IP, IHCrat, mouseUgo Cavallaro 
Notch1 (Neurogenic locus notch homolog protein 1)BB25-15-2; 18G12-1WBhumanPier Paolo Di Fiore 
NP95 (E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase UHRF1)BF18-11WB, IP, IFmousePier Paolo Di Fiore 
NUDCD1 (NudC domain-containing protein 1)AR55-1-4WB, IF, IP, IHC paraffinhumanPier Paolo Di Fiore 
NuMA1 (Nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1)AD6-1IF,WBHuman, mouseMarina MapelliGallini S et al., Current Biology 2016;  Carminati M et al., NSMB 2016;  Pirovano L et al., Nat. Comm 2019
NUMB (Protein numb homolog)AB21-39-25-15; AA19-2; AP35-A1WB, IHC, IFhuman, mousePier Paolo Di FioreColaluca I et al., Nature 2008
p66shcBG8-SU1WB, IP, IFhuman, mousePier Giuseppe PelicciOrsini et al., JBC 2004  
Protein FAM91A1BL5-4; EI1-3; P1-84; P1-65WB, IP, IF,  IHC paraffinhuman, mousePier Paolo Di FioreNicassio F et al., J Clin Invest 2005
RAI (SHC C)IF15-E2IHC, WB, IPhuman, mouseGiuliana Pelicci Villanacci V et al., Neurogastroenterol Motil 2008
RaLP (RAI-like protein)AW47-10-21; AW47-10-5; AI22-20-8; AI22-20-15WBhuman, mouseLuisa Lanfrancone 
RN-tre15-6-11; 15-BWB, IP, IFhuman Pier Paolo Di FioreLanzetti L et al., Nature 2004 
SCC-112 (Sister chromatid cohesion protein PDS5 homolog A)AF5-21-7WB, IP, IF, IHC paraffinhuman, mousePier Paolo Di Fiore 
SMU1 (WD40 repeat-containing protein SMU1)AQ26-ED8-22-11WB, IF, IHC paraffinhumanPier Paolo Di Fiore 
USP3 (Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 3)AE9-12-1WB, IPhuman, mousePier Paolo Di FioreNicassio F et al;  Curr Biol 2007 

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Preclinical models

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Research programs

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