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Oncogenes, Transcription and Cancer

Bruno Amati

Bruno Amati

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The MYC proto-oncogene and its product, the MYC transcription factor, have a central role in cellular growth control and oncogenesis. In normal cells, MYC is induced by growth-promoting signals, and in turn regulates genes involved in key cellular responses (growth, proliferation, apoptosis, energy metabolism, biosynthetic pathways, etc…). During tumor development, a variety of oncogenic mutations (affecting either the MYC locus, or upstream signaling pathways) can elicit deregulated MYC expression and, as a consequence, the aberrant implementation of MYC-dependent gene expression programs. MYC-driven tumors show “oncogene addiction”, indicating that MYC itself – and presumably a subset of its target genes – are required for tumor maintenance.

Key questions in the field regard the mechanisms through which MYC regulates transcription, the identity of MYC-regulated genes, their function in growth control and tumorigenesis, as well as their potential as therapeutic targets.

Our research addresses these questions based on a combination of advanced biological models, high-throughput “omic” approaches and computational tools. In parallel with our basic research program, we pursue translational studies aimed at the development and pre-clinical validation of innovative therapeutic strategies.

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