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Flow Cytometry Unit

Simona Ronzoni

Simona Ronzoni

Unit Coordinator

Email [email protected]
Telephone +39 0294375077
Location Building 13
Floor 1st
Via Adamello 16, Milano

The Flow Cytometry Unit (FCU) offers an efficient and reliable personalized flow cytometric service to researchers. The FCU provides instrumentation, education, and support for flow cytometric analysis and high-speed cell sorting.

The unit is equipped with cell analyzers (two FacsCelesta and one MACSQuant) and cell sorters (FACSMelody, FacsAria Fusion and FacsJazz).

Flow cytometry is an evolving field with a wide range of applications that includes immunophenotyping, cell division, apoptosis, cell activation, cell cycle analysis, gene reporter assays, single cell cloning.

Analytical and sorter applications can be performed directly by the user or, if desired, can be carried out by the unit staff members. Training on various types of applications, as well as software support, is provided to new users.

The FCU staff offers assistance with:

  • Experimental design and sample preparation for specific applications.
  • Selection and setting up of the required instrument.
  • Data acquisition, analysis and interpretation.
  • Basic training, theoretical and practical training courses.
  • Cell sorting.

In order to furnish adapted solutions to specific needs, the unit always collaborates with researchers, providing experimental troubleshooting, scientific advice and personalized instructions and training on flow cytometry and instrument usage.

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