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Imaging Development Unit

Mario Romolo Faretta

Mario Romolo Faretta

Unit Coordinator

Email [email protected]
Location Building 1
Floor Ground, Imaging Lab
Via Adamello 16, Milano

The Imaging Development Unit (IDU) has been created to develop high-end imaging applications requiring super resolution and high-content microscopy. It works on selected projects to create tools of general usefulness for cancer-research. The unit does not directly perform single experiments on demand but  works with research groups by training researchers that actively participate to the development process and are educated to the use of the novel imaging technologies and generated solutions. IDU collaborates with companies in the microscopy field to test new instrumentation and develop new applications. Its activity focuses on overcoming the limitations of fluorescence microscopy to expand its use in basic and translational cancer research by producing new sample preparation protocols, acquisition pipelines and novel computational solutions. Computer-assisted, analysis-driven acquisition allows operating in a multi modal microscopy environment to reach 3 dimensional high- and super-spatial resolution by coupling widefield, confocal and single molecule localization microscopy to obtain a statistical sampling of thousands of events in the analysis of molecules, cells and tissues.

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