Technological Units

Imaging Unit

Simona Rodighiero

Simona Rodighiero

Unit Coordinator

Email [email protected]
Telephone +390294375026
Location Building 1
Floor Ground
Via Adamello 16, Milano


The Imaging Unit (IU) supports DEO scientific groups by offering cutting-edge optical imaging platforms and developing tailored imaging protocols and image analysis pipelines as per specific requirements.

More specifically, the IU activity include:

  • Conducting mandatory microscope training sessions to facilitate direct access to all IU microscopes
  • Providing image analysis support, including integration of machine learning into image analysis
  • Offering consulting services for sample preparation in optical microscopy experiments
  • Offering direct support and troubleshooting at the microscopes
  • Managing departmental imaging reagents
  • Teaching (SEMM PhD school and Master in Biomedical Omics of the University of Milan)

Additionally, IU staff actively participates in research collaborations with various research groups

Tools we use:

  • image analysis: Fiji/ImageJ, QuPath, ArivisVision 4D, NIS-Elements, Huygens, Python
  • data analysis: R, Python

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