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Screening Unit

Giuseppina Giardina

Giuseppina Giardina

Unit Coordinator

Telephone +390294375000
Location Building 13
Floor 1st
Via Adamello 16, Milano

The Screening Unit (SU) aims to provide open access for academic projects towards experiments in medium-throughput fashion. The Screening Unit serves for systematic, plate-based screenings of cellular and biochemical assays, with collections of chemical libraries with state-of-the-art equipment.


The mission of the Screening Unit is to:

  • Provide screening collections of compound libraries.
  • Identify bioactive compounds capable of modulating cellular functions.
  • Miniaturize test volumes to reduce costs for expensive reagents.


The SU staff provides general steps of medium-throughput screening:

  • Preparation of cells and compounds libraries.
  • Small scale test with positive and negative controls to test Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO tolerance) on a given target cell.
  • Pilot screen with a small number of already used compounds to test different readouts, positional effects of plates and systematic liquid handling errors.
  • Configuration and programming of the Tecan Freedon evo robot.
  • Data acquisition and handling from automatic plate reader.
  • Validation of identified effective compounds.
  • Access to the unit to carry out screens upon appropriate training.
  • Problem solving.


The SU hosts an open access technology platform of:

  • Tecan Freedon evo robot.
  • Automatic plate readers (Infinite 200 Tecan, GLOMAX Explorer Promega and PHERAstar BMG LABTECH).

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Mirko Doni

Screening Unit User Group

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