IEO-TT Network


  • EU-Life

    EU-LIFE is an alliance of independent European research institutes in the life sciences. EU-LIFE contributes to the improvement of research by influencing European science policies and by developing, implementing and disseminating best practices in the organization and management of research institutes.

    To foster excellence in science by sharing best practices, EU-LIFE established thematic working groups composed of members from the EU-LIFE institutes who meet at least once a year face to face at the EU-LIFE Community meeting.

    IEO-TT contributes actively to the Technology Transfer Working group focused on the organization of pitching events with life sciences investors and the mapping and discussion of processes and good practices in the field of IP, licensing and spin-off creation.

  • Netval

    Netval is the Italian association for the valorization of results from public research. It was founded in 2002 as an informal network and then became an association in 2007. Netval’s mission is to be the organization where Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) of Italian universities and public research organizations can meet, share experiences and learn together how to better transfer their research results to industry. Also, Netval wishes to be an important interface for Ministries and local administrations, industrial associations and industries, venture capitalists and financial bodies in order to promote the role of public research in innovation processes.

    Since the attention and focus of Netval towards clinical innovation has more and more increased during the recent last years, IEO has decided to become a member of the association and, through IEO-TT, takes part to the Netval Scientific Committee and participates in annual conferences, training seminars and annual surveys aimed at strengthening the technology transfer culture in Italy and sharing the best practices among TTOs.

    In addition, IEO-TT has the great opportunity to promote its patent portfolio to prospective industrial partners through the Knowledge Share (KS) portal that showcases the outstanding translational research conducted by more than 70 Italian universities and research institutes.

  • ASTP

    ASTP is a non-profit member’s organization committed to the promotion and professionalization of knowledge transfer practice and practitioners. Established in 2000 by a group of leading practitioners, ASTP strives to shape the future profession of knowledge and technology transfer while increasing the attraction and credibility of the profession. ASTP’s focus is to provide outstanding training and practice that supports member’s special interest, to advocate for the profession on the international stage and enable the building of professional networks.

    As member of ASTP, IEO-TT enjoys ASTP events offering great networking and chances to share knowledge and best practices with international colleagues. Also, IEO-TT takes advantages of the high-quality training courses held by outstanding speakers.