Front Office

Annalisa Ariesi

Annalisa Ariesi


Email [email protected]
Location Building 1
Floor 3rd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

The Front Office Unit, together with the Human Resources Unit, is one of the first services the majority of scientists have to deal with, when they arrive at the Department of Experimental Oncology (DEO).


The main services provided by the Front Office Unit include:


  • Satisfy the basic users’ requests (reception services, stationery products furnishing, lunch ticket service, etc.).
  • Supporting researchers in their business trip organization.
  • Managing booking and usage of the meeting rooms.
  • Organizing the seminars’ logistics.
  • Helping users to deal with any shipping issues.
  • Assisting the Directors in managing their daily agendas.


Overall, the Front Office Unit of DEO helps to create a professional and supportive environment, which provides well-timed and efficient services to all our scientific community.