Lab Management

The main task of the Lab Management Unit is to coordinate research activities and services, collecting requests and questions from the employees and working as an intermediary, between maintenance staff and users, in order to solve any problems connected to equipment or installations. Moreover, according to departmental rules and answering to specific needs, the Unit is responsible for the rooms/laboratories organization such as benches assignment, instrument placement and spaces distribution within the common areas (instrument rooms, cold rooms, etc).
Importantly, the Unit ensures the respect of basic safety rules, good laboratory practice and special waste disposal. Furthermore, it arranges all the departmental orders of reagents and consumables, following the suggestions of kitchen and/or warehouse support staff. It also contributes to check the status of the orders, placed by the users to the purchasing office, it provides an oligonucleotidies order service for all the researchers and, finally, it supports the principal investigators through the purchase order process of small instruments. Indeed, the members of the unit regularly meet instruments and reagents suppliers, thus being always updated on new products release.

Lab Manager

Fabio Santoro

Member (Equipment Manager)

Andrea Vignati

Fabio Maria Virdis

Member (Executive Director)

Roberta Carbone

Member (Group Leader)

Diego Pasini

Kitchen facility
Warehouse facility