Maria Giovanna Jodice

Maria Giovanna Iodice

Maria Giovanna Iodice

Email [email protected]
Telephone 0294375153
Location Building 1
Floor 2nd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

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I am a Research Technician in the Molecular and Digital Pathology Unit (MDPU) of the Department of Experimental Oncology at IEO.
After completing my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques at the University of Bologna in 1999, I worked as a histology technician at the Addari Institute of Oncology, Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna.
In 2003, I joined the MDPU at the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) in Milan, where I gained broader experience in tissue sampling and histopathology procedures and acquired extensive expertise in the preparation of tissue microarrays (TMAs) using new generation semi-automated instruments.
In 2010, the Molecular and Digital Pathology Unit became an integral technological platform of the Molecular Medicine for Care (MMC) Program at IEO, directed by Prof. Pier Paolo Di Fiore.
The opportunity to work in the MMC Program and in the IEO center of excellence in oncology allowed me to develop new skills and expertise in clinical and translational medicine.
I was involved in the preparation of ad hoc TMAs and tissue cores needed for the extraction of genetic material for large-scale biomarker screening studies.
I am currently in charge of all the technical activities and related instrumentation within the MDPU at IEO, now directed by Prof. Salvatore Pece, including management of FFPE and frozen tissue samples; tissue processing, sectioning for staining and extractions; IHC and H&E staining; and TMAs

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