5th ACC Annual Meeting New Technologies and Strategies to Fight Cancer

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New Technologies and Strategies to Fight Cancer






We are pleased to announce the 5th Alleanza Contro il Cancro/Alliance Against Cancer (ACC) Annual Meeting, an opportunity for the exchange and debate on translational cancer science excellence in Italy and to meet internationally renowned colleagues.

The program will include:

  • Three Scientific Sessions (Pre-clinical breakthroughs; Cancer Prevention and early-detection; Innovative Treatments).
  • Three Highlight Sessions (Cancer and Covid19; High-Definition Oncology; Access of Patients to Genomic Screens and New Drugs).
  • Two Special Lectures (Communicating Cancer Research to the Public; Patient Involvement and Empowerment) 
  • One Discussion Forum (Role of Collaborative Networks in Cancer Research and Practice).

Part of the third day will be dedicated to the Working Groups of ACC (ACC Workshop).

Each Scientific Session will include:

  1. Six Plenary Talks (two invited lectures and four speakers selected from the submitted abstracts).
  2. One Round Table (with invited discussants).
  3. One “oral” Poster Session with five speakers.

For each session we will assign one “ACC-prize for the best oral presentation” and one “ACC-prize for the best oral poster”.

Call for Abstracts
First Announcement
Meeting Program