The Unit is equipped with:

  • Dedicated incubators for bacteria, insect and mammalian protein expression



  • 3 AKTA purifier (Cytiva) and 1 NGC (BioRad) FLPC systems for preparative protein purification
  • 2 AKTA micro (Cytiva) analytical chromatography equipped with capillary for microvolume fractionation

  • GPC-MAX with triple detector array (Malvern Panalytical) SEC-SLS system (Seize-Exclusion Chromatography – Static Light Scattering) for protein and protein complexes molecular weight determination


  • MicroCal PEAQ-ITC Calorimeter (Malvern Panalytical) for protein-protein and protein-small molecules interaction studies


  • BLItz (ForteBio) BLI system (Bio-Layer Interferometry) for label-free assessment of protein-ligand interactions

  • Mosquito crystallization robot (SPT Labtech) for high-throughput protein crystallization


  • Crystal Farm 400 (Bruker) imaging system to monitor crystal growth


  • Pelco EasyGlow (Ted Pella) for CryoEM and negative staining grids discharge


  • Vitrobot Mark IV (ThermoScientific) for CryoEM grids preparation


  • High-performance GPU-based workstation for CryoEM data processing and molecular modelling