Technological Units

Cell Culture Unit (CCU)

The main goal of the Cell Culture Unit (CCU) is to provide the scientific groups with the necessary technical support, expertise, and resources for the routine and more specialized culture work. Core members help researchers in:

  • Setting-up and using gene transfer technologies in primary normal and tumor cells.
  • Improving the consistency and quality of cell cultures and enhance the abilities of investigators to study biological processes in mechanistic detail.

CCU accomplishes its mission by providing:

  • Physical space, equipment and supplies for cell culture work.
  • Cell culture services that meet the needs of the Department.
  • Technical assistance, education and training in cell culture techniques at Biosafety level 1 and 2.

CCU core members:

  • Operate quality control of the most common biological reagents.
  • Test cell lines for mycoplasma contamination and DNA profiling.
  • Acquire, maintain in culture, cryopreserve and distribute cell lines.
  • Keep under control the IEO database of cell lines and frozen stocks, tissue culture protocols, books and certificates of analysis.

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