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Computing, Data and Digital Research Platforms Unit

Arnaud Gerard Michel Ceol

Arnaud Gerard Michel Ceol

Unit Coordinator

Email [email protected]
Location Building 13
Floor Ground
Via Adamello 16, Milano

Scientific groups and Technological Units at the Department of Experimental rely on research computing and data (RCD) experts who work at the intersection of infrastructures, research, and data management. The Computing, Data and Digital Research Platforms Unit plays this role: it manages bioinformatic platformspromotes reproducible and traceable data generation and analyses, and develops and manages integrated systems for the management and analysis of biological and clinical data.


Research Computing and Data (RCD) platforms (see the button on the right for details)

  • On premise HPC cluster and workstations.
  • ACC e-platform.
  • GARR hosted Virtual Data Center.



We provide support to all researchers for the usage of bioinformatic resources, and we organize formation on the usage of bioinformatic tools and the adoption of best practices for computational research on HPC and cloud resources. We also run the Data Management course organized in the context of the ENABLECARES European project for the European School of Molecular Medicine.



EU Life Logo

Our Unit participates in the IT working group of EU-LIFE, an alliance of leading research centres in Life Sciences, formed by experts from the member institutions, with the following action plans.

  • Define storage best practices.
  • Define best practices for computational support.
  • Knowledge exchange and synergies discoveries.
  • Establish IT collaborations in areas of common interest.
Research Computing and Data (RCD) platforms
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