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Genomics Unit

Luca Rotta

Luca Rotta

Unit Coordinator

Telephone 0294375201
Location Building 13
Floor Ground
Via Adamello 16, Milano

Genomics Unit was established in 2009 in collaboration with the Center for Genomic Sciences of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) hosted at our Campus.

The unit is tasked with providing state-of-the-art genomic services to the Department community by implementing the latest sequencing technology.

Our equipment include: liquid handling robots to automate pipetting tasks, DNA quantification and quality control instruments, Bioanalyzer, LabChipGX and Tape Station and three next-generation sequencing platforms from Illumina: MiSeq, Hiseq2000 and Novaseq6000, a highly flexible platform performing a broad range of applications for the DNA and RNA analysis also at single-cell level using Chromium system by 10X Genomics.

The GU also offers technological support to research groups towards the optimization and development of tailored protocol. A constant technological update and flexibility to the needs is also provided.

More than twenty research groups from IEO and IIT institutions are actively using Next Generation Sequencing technologies, with the aim of investigating regulation and structure of human genome in the context of of tumor biology.

Ahighly integrated research community in genomics benefits of technological platforms provided by this Unit, including more than two hundred biologists and approximately thirty computational scientists.

Ad hoc User Group Committee, is in charge together with the GU itself of supervising and solving any type of problem and defining new technological investment strategies, management of the access rules and general infrastructure of the unit.

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