The Genomics Unit offers the following services

DNA Analysis:

  • Whole Genome Analysis (WGA) - Resequencing, De Novo
  • Targeted DNA Analysis (Exome sequencing, Custom enrichment)
  • Chromatin (ChIP-Seq)
  • Methylation analysis (RRBS, Whole Genome methylation)

RNA Analysis:

  • Expression Profiling (Whole Transcriptome)
  • Small RNA sequencing (sRNA-seq)
  • Targeted analysis of RNA (nascent RNA analysis (4sU/TT-seq), Methylated RNA analysis, immunoprecipated RNA (RIP/RAP))

Other services:

  • Library generation ChIPSeq (Beckman Automation), Target Enrichment
  • Quality Control (QC) - DNA and RNA

Single-cell/molecule applications:

  • Single cells characterization and gene expression profiling

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