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Giuseppe Testa

Giuseppe Testa


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Location Building 13
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Via Adamello 16, Milano

Research Ethics, Policy, and Regulatory Affairs Unit. The Research Ethics, Policy, and Regulatory Affairs Unit at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) represents a leading center at the national level, with a strong international network, in three distinct domains at the intersection of biomedicine and society.

Scholarly research in the fields of Science & Technologies Studies (STS) and bioethics. The Unit explores the ethical implications and societal dimensions of emerging technologies in biomedicine. Its research pursues key ethical, legal and societal aspects at the leading edge of high definition medicine, ranging from Big Data to stem cell and organoid technologies, and focusing on the mutual shaping of epistemic and normative orders that arise at the interface of biomedicine and society.

Science policy. Advances in genomics and data intensive research have brought forth complex policy challenges, requiring innovative and forward-looking science policy engagement. Drawing upon its distinct interdisciplinary expertise, the Unit leads major national science policy initiatives in the governance and regulation of data intensive biomedicine.

Research ethics and regulatory affairs. In its third area of engagement, the Unit oversees the ethics and regulatory compliance of major national and international research projects, laying down scientifically and societally robust ethics and data governance frameworks within national and international research consortia.

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