Viviana Piccolo

In 2004 I graduated in biology at the ROMA TRE University and in 2005 I followed an annual 2nd level University Master degree in bioinformatics, at the Bicocca University of Milan.

From the 2006 until the 2011, I joined the Beacon, the bioinformatics group founded by Prof. Graziano Pesole and then subsequently led by Prof. Giulio Pavesi and Prof. David Horner at the University of Milan. Here I attended the PhD in bioinformatics and a period as research assistant focusing mainly on the study of NGS methodologies. I have dedicated myself to the functional and comparative genomics of ncRNAs, with particular interest in miRNAs and  their targets prediction, developing methodologies based on Support Vector Machine.

Since 2011, I have been working in IEO in the group of Prof. Gioacchino Natoli. I deal with the planning of bioinformatics strategies to study the epigenetic and transcriptomic regulatory processes related to inflammation and cancer, with particular interest in the world of lncRNAs.

ORCID 0002-2021-9750

Most Relevant Publications