Bronislava Matoskova

Bronislava Matoskova

Bronislava Matoskova

Telephone 0294375147
Location Building 13
Floor 3rd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

Member of

Bronislava (Bronia) Matoskova is a staff scientist at IEO. She obtained her degree in Medicine from the Commenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1989. Bronia briefly worked in the Department of Viral Oncogenesis of the Cancer Research Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. She was a recipient of the Fogarty Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health from 1990 to 1995. She worked on the src-family non-receptor tyrosine kinases in the laboratory of Dr. Horak, Clinical Pharmacology Branch, NCI and in the Laboratory of Cellular Development and Oncology at the NIDR. She later joined the group of Pier Paolo Di Fiore at the LCMB, NCI, to work on the mechanisms and substrates of the EFGR signaling. She moved to IEO in 1995 to continue work on EGFR signaling in IEO in the group of Matthias Kraus.

From 2000 Bronia held the position of the Institute Laboratory Manager at IFOM until 2007, when she undertook the position of the manager of the Molecular Medicine Dpt. at the IEO.

At present she returned to work in Pier Paolo Di Fiore scientific group, while still providing managerial support to the Novel Diagnostics Program, within the Department of Experimental Oncology at the IEO.


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